Legs and chest

We skipped leg day because I had to work 12 hours at work! Yay. So we just did both legs and chest the next day to stay on track. 

Look what I found at GNC! This stuff is super delicious! I put it on my double protein English muffin in the morning or at night for a snack. They have a few other flavors too. Kind of pricey at $7, but it’s good. 

Here’s our tiny muscles so far!

I did a little meal prep for the next few days. Three different flavors of cubes up chicken: ranch powder, lemon pepper, and sriracha. It’s nice to make different flavors so you don’t get burnt out on chicken. 
Here’s a few clips of our exercises. Feel free to comment on how to use the best form and what not. We need to invest in some heavier plates too. But just to get used to the moves we are keeping it light for now.

Don’t you hate it when your hair tie gets in the way? I had to take it down for the chest press. 


Here’s some video from last week I forgot to post 


We bought some goodies..

Alright so working out has been on hold while we have been putting together our two new exercise toys.  One is a power tower and one is a weight bench with the pulling stuff and barbell stuff. Idk the name of it yet.  It’s taken a few days to put together just because our room is so small. If you watch my Snapchat then you know our struggle. 
We finally finished it yesterday so today we can actually use it. I’ll try to get some better pictures of it up soon. ​In the mean time, here are some store shots with some video of us putting it together. 

​this is the moment Spencer wanted to get the bigger bench instead of the smaller one. 

This is the power tower at the store. 

Mini trip!

We got back kind of late last night from Dallas. You know we had to go to Ikea.  We also worked out our legs and chest. I took a video but it’s awful. I’ll add it anyways lol ​



​I also added two silly videos. I challenged my boyfriend to see if he could do something and he did a pretty good job! So proud! ​




Yesterday grr

Well yesterday at work was so freaking busy? Are you ever so busy you don’t take your two breaks and then your boss tells you to take a 30 minutes lunch instead of an hour? Well that was my day. Plus I had to stay late. FML. 
I wouldn’t have minded it as much, but my boyfriend and I planned to drive to Fort Worth for a little getaway. We still drove down but we were later than we wanted. 

We didn’t get to do legs day yesterday but we are going to do it today with whatever is planned for today as well. Even if we skip a day we will make it up the next day. I don’t want to get into bad habits of skipping days. 
We plan on going to Ikea to! Yay. Who doesn’t like IKEA?  We will shop and earn some steps for our Fitbit !😂 Hit two birds with one stone as they say. 

Here’s our Snapchat story from yesterday. ​

I’ll be 30 soon…

Alright I’m not the best at updating this blog but let me tell you what’s been going on. 
I started doing some strength training and then I got sick. I was sick for over two weeks. At first it was a cold then it turned into a sinus infection and then the start of bronchitis. Ahh. Why me? 
Ok so now I’m better and I have been thinking about how I am about to be the BIG 30. I guess 30 is not that big but I’m going to feel sad not being in my 20s anymore. I feel old. 
I want to be fit and toned by the time my 30th birthday comes around. Kind of like a birthday gift to myself. I mean, what better gift to give myself than good help and physical fitness right?
If you would like to join in and get in shape I’d love to stay in touch on here or Snapchat. I’ll be using Snapchat as my main video source of what I’m doing as far as working out. I may throw a bit of Instagram on there too. Who knows how adventurous I will be with my social media skills. 
If you want to follow me on Instagram I have two accounts: bengy465 and carvingcouple. The couple one is my boyfriend and I both getting fit. My Snapchat is bengy465 as well. 
Alright well. I’ll see you on social media.  I will be sure to add before pictures and videos too. Please comment below if you want to follow me so I know that I’m not getting spam accounts trying to be my friend. 👍🏼